A Ghanaian Student Shares His Experiences Studying In the USA

This article will be based on an interview I had with an amazing young man I came across not too long ago, and you will be blown away by his story…

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The Magic Arsenal

In a tough economy, every company looks for one thing and one thing alone, revenue. How do they make more money? How do they increase sales? How d…

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The Best Way to Answer The What is Your Weakness Question

What is your weakness? This is one of the trickiest job interview questions you will come across. This question is meant to make you reveal inadequa…

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How to get a job as a new graduate in the toughest job market – When no one is hiring

In a tough job market, where it seems like no company is hiring, finding a job becomes a very daunting task. As a new university graduate, the quest…

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The Best Way to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Question

“Tell me about yourself” is the most important and frequently asked question across all job interviews. It is asked so many times, some could even…

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What Can You Do in Your Free Time to Improve Your Chances of Getting Employed | African Graduate

For all university graduates – those who just completed and those who have stayed at home a little longer – the greatest asset you can possess is …

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