The Best Way to Answer The What is Your Weakness Question

The Question

What is your weakness? This is one of the trickiest job interview questions you will come across. This question is meant to make you reveal inadequacies often relevant to the job you are interviewing for. Mostly, less experienced interviewers ask this question and will try to use your words against you depending on the answer you give.

Unfortunately, many have failed at answering this question correctly and as a result, have lost valuable job opportunities. This article aims to teach you the smartest way to answer this question. This will give you a better chance of getting that job you will be interviewing for.

Answering The Question

The common misconception when answering this question is to make it seem as if you have no weaknesses. This is wrong and even makes you look dishonest. The best strategy is to pick weaknesses that least impact the job you are seeking. For example, do not mention your inability to identify little mistakes if the position you are looking to fill requires someone who pays attention to detail.

Rather, mention a weakness irrelevant to the position. You can talk about your inability to do anything artistic – and maybe how you have struggled with it over the years. You might even make a little fun of it. This is a better answer because things like art and creativity have nothing to do with a job that requires attention to detail.

Moreover, please do not apply for jobs that you know you do not have the skillset, experience or wherewithal required. Lastly, do your best to keep your answers short and sweet so that you don’t veer off and say something you’re not supposed to. As stated earlier, only talk about weaknesses you know are irrelevant to the job you are interviewing for. This will help increase your chances of passing the job interview and landing the job you want.

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