The Magic Arsenal

“The Magic Arsenal”

In a tough economy, every company looks for one thing and one thing alone, revenue. How do they make more money? How do they increase sales? How do they bring in new customers? How do they push into new markets? These are questions all organizations ask. As a job candidate, how will you find answers to these questions if you are hired?

This article will show you how to use these questions to your advantage in job interviews, using a very powerful technique; that is guaranteed to get you a job almost instantly. Sadly, many people never really think about this tactic and even those who have the means to use it often fail to do so. Sometimes, people miss out on great job opportunities because of that.

However, if you can apply what you read from this article, that will not be the case for you.

How Does It Work?

As we established earlier, the highest priority for all organizations is generating revenue. How do you turn this around to work for you?

First, before the interview, take a close look at your network of people and estimate your ability to bring in new customers relative to the company you want to work for. Then, as you are being interviewed, bring up discussions on increasing revenue. Then, fit your own ability to help increase revenue into the conversation.

To illustrate, let’s assume you are a member of a graduate law group with 5000 other people. Unrelatedly, you apply for a position at a bank as the operations manager. There, your job will not involve anything related to customer service. Your role will be fulfilled mostly behind the scenes, basically making sure everything is running smoothly. Due to the job description, you won’t even be expected to help increase revenue.

At the interview, after going through all the regular questions, you are then asked why you want the job so badly. Naturally, you will talk about your ability and the skillset you possess that make you perfect for the job. In some cases, this would be enough but would it help you stand out in a group of 50 other applicants, all with the same skillsets and abilities?

Now, this is where the magic comes in. You further talk about your position as the secretary of the graduate law group stated earlier. There, you share ideas on the best practice areas and all opportunities that will benefit the membership. Since you are the secretary of said organization, your responsibility is to send weekly newsletters to all the members.

At this point, you will arouse the interest of your interviewers. Finally, to seal the deal, talk about how thrilled you would be to promote the bank’s products and services to your group members once you are hired.

Assuming you have this same interview with about 4 other banks, all of them will be fighting one another to employ you. This is because you are bringing great value to the table – something most of the other applicants might not possess; the ability to help increase revenue for the company.

That’s It!

That’s all there is to it. You don’t even need to have direct relationships with the people you will need to help increase your company’s revenue. It could be a church group headed by your parents, a parent-teacher association or even just an acquaintance. These people will help open doors for you in the company you want to work for. Note that this works in all scenarios and not just banks or companies into sales. All you have to do is find a way to make those around you look relevant to the company you want to work for.

At your interview, discuss how you can help increase revenue. Talk about the relationships with people you have that can help you achieve that. Your interviewers’ eyes will light up at the thought of increasing their revenue, and you will be hired almost immediately.

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